Through this site we hope to (1) Motivate the faithful, (2) Retain those Catholics who are on the fence, (3) Bring back those who have left the Church, and (4) Evangelize those who have never been Catholic. Consequently, promoting the site will be crucial. The site will be advertised in as many publications as possible both secular and Catholic. The proceeds from the sale of books and gifts will be used for this purpose. To be sure, this will have its limits. If you think that can be effective in its mission and you would like to help, there are a number of things you can do. The easiest way to promote the site is to just tell people about it. Many families are profoundly affected when loved ones are drawn away from the Church. All too often Catholics don't know how to answer the questions and accusations of those who have left. This is interpreted as confirmation that their decision to leave was a correct one. If you know someone who is facing such a situation, tell them about


Bulletin Notices

To reach Catholics on a larger scale you can place a notice in your parish bulletin. An example that you can print, download or cut and paste can be found here >>> Bulletin Notice.


If you have your own web site you can help by including a link to You can create your own or you can cut and paste this one >>>


Also for web sites you can download a banner by clicking here >>> Banners.

Pray For us

It may sound obvious but all too often it is something that gets overlooked. Only the Holy Spirit can convert hearts. He may use us as instruments to convey information, but it is only by the grace of God that we recognize the truth. Preaching the gospel without praying is like trying to make hot chocolate with out hot water. If you believe in the mission of this site pray that it will be effective.