The articles in this section were written by a variety of Catholic writers. They cover doctrinal and historical issues as well as contemporary challenges to the Catholic faith.  Quite often the coverage on these topics is either jaded or sorely lacking. I firmly believe that people should have information that is accurate and complete. Only then can they come to a proper understanding of the issues that face us. Distorting the truth serves no good purpose. As Jesus once said: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32).  

The New Atheists

The Case for God by Mark Shea
Answering the New Atheism An Interview with Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wiker
A Theologian Answers the Atheists by Father Thomas D. Williams, LC
Myth 1: Atheists are Smarter by Father Thomas D. Williams, LC
Myth 2: Religion Does More Harm than Good by Father Thomas D. Williams, LC
Myth 3: Religion is Opposed to Science by Father Thomas D. Williams, LC
Myth 4: Jesus Didn't Found the Church by Father Thomas D. Williams, LC
Myth 5: Atheist Aid by Father Thomas D. Williams, LC

Creationism / Evolution

The Traditional Catholic Doctrine on Creation by Hugh Owen 
Is Theistic Evolution Truly Plausible?  by Thomas J. Centrella
Evolution: A Dying Mythology  by Hugh Owen
You Say You Want an Evolution?  by Benjamin Wiker
Impact of Intelligent Design Ruling  by Mary Ann Sullivan
Faith, Science and the Persecution of Richard Sternberg (Evolution) by Benjamin Wiker
God Created the Heavens and the Earth by Marge Fenelon 

Church History

Christopher Columbus and Fake History by Gerald Korson 
The Galileo Controversy (off site) 
Confirming Biblical History  by Chuck Colson
The Schism Between Byzantium and Rome by Sebastian R. Fama
The Truth About the Crusades  by Thomas F. Madden
The Crusades Were a Reasonable Response to Islamic Aggression by Angelo Stagnaro
An Inquisition Primer  by Robert P. Lockwood (off site)
"Papal Sins" Greatest Sin: It's Scholarship  by George Sim Johnston
Renewed Attacks on Pius XII  by Msgr. David Q. Liptak
Ad Defends Pope Pius XII  by Eve Tushnet
Our Rich Church  by Carl E. Olson
The Good Catholics Do  by Fr. Andrew McNair
It's a Wonderful Church  by Robert Brennan
Vatican II and the Deposit of Faith by Fr. Edwin Gordon
Vatican II, Pastoral? by Charlotte Hays
Celibacy in the First Two Centuries by Fr. Michael E. Giesler
Obedience, Celibacy, Poverty (clerical) 
How Old is Your Church  by Sebastian R. Fama

Separation of Church and State?

Civil Rights and Religious Liberty by Archbishop William E. Lori
The Separation of Church and State by Cardinal William H. Keeler
Let Freedom Ring: A Pastoral Letter on Religious Freedom by Archbishop William E. Lori
Separation of Church and State? What Does Our Flag Stand For? by Father Bill McCarthy
No Law Can Protect Religious Freedom if People Don't Protect It by Joan Frawley Desmond
Religious Liberty and Contraception by Janet Smith
Catholics and Voting by Susan E. Wills

Clergy Abuse Scandal

Truth is Needed to Free the Church From Sacrilege of Clergy Scandal by Father Roger Landry 
How to Confront Crisis and Endure in Faith by Father Roger Landry 
Part 1: The Myths  by John Burger & Kathryn Jean Lopez
Part 2: How it Was Handled  by John Burger
Part 3: The Seminaries  by John Burger
Revealing Statistics by Steve Weatherbe 
12 Things Every Catholic Should Know About the US Scandals
Diligent Defender by Tim Drake
Journalists Abandon Standards to Attack the Pope by Phil Lawler
How Pope Benedict Handled Abuse by Phil Lawler
Abuse in Colorado Public Schools Ignored by Wayne Laugesen
Teachers Vs. Priests - Unequal Treatment in the Media? by Wayne Laugesen
Media and Schools in Abuse Cover-up  by Francis X. Maier
Self-Interest, Not Justice, Drives Abuse Advocacy Group by Wayne Laugesen

Doctrinal Issues

Twenty One Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone) by Joel Peters  (off site) 
Eight Modern Errors Every Catholic Should Know and Avoid by Msgr. Charles Pope 
Any Friend of God's is a Friend of Mine by Patrick Madrid (Praying to Saints) (off site)
Jesus Will Never Allow His Church to Ordain Women by Kathy Schiffer 
Pope Pius V & Quo Primum by Jeffrey A. Mirus, Ph.D
Doctrinal Concordance of the Bible by Sebastian R. Fama
Doctrinal Concordance of the Bible (German) by Sebastian R. Fama
The Authority of the Church as a Moral Voice  by Fr. Michael Hinkley
What the Church is  by Fr. Raymond J. De Souza
Can a Christian Lose His Salvation? by Taylor Marshall
Mary, Mother of God  by Steve Collison
The Eucharist   by Fr. Bill McCarthy
The Power of Sacramentals  by Karen Edmisten
Sacramentals 101 by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle 
Were the Early Church Fathers Trinitarian? by Michael J. Partyka


What is an Abortion?  from various sources
Abortion Evidence Mounts  by Celeste McGovern
Abortion Kills More Mothers than Childbirth  by Tim Drake
Investigate the Abortion Industry  by Eve Tushnet
Years of Pain After Abortion  by Steve Weatherbe
Science Undermines Abortion Activists  by William Donahue
Study Shows Abortion Drug Dangers  by Carlos Briceno
RU- 486 Deaths (The Abortion Pill) by Andrew Walther
Pulling Back the Curtain on Planned Parenthood by John M Grondelski 
Planned Parenthood Unmasked by Joan Frawley Desmond
Fetal Hand Grasp Photo  by Michael Clancy

Sexual Ethics

Birth Control Linked to Lower Quality of Life by Celeste McGovern 
The Pill, Health and Society; the Birth Control Pill 50 Years Later 
The Wisdom of Humanae Vitae   by Fr. Jay Scott Newman
The New Contraceptive Order Can Only Kill Itself  by Jennifer Roback Morse
UN Scientists Warn of Pills Link to Cancer  by Valerie Schmalz
The Birth Control Pill Contaminates Relationships by Marie Hahnenberg
Are You Man Enough to take the NFP Challenge by Ellen Rossini
Abstinence Education Helps High-Risk Youth by Janneke Pieters
Family Planning Increases Pregnancy Risk by Paul Burnell
Sexual Activity Among Teens Leads to Depression  by Philip S. Moore
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Devastate Millions  by Stephen Vincent
Chastity  by Mary Beth Bonacci
Seven Things You Need to Know about Theology of the Body  by Emily Stimpson 
Are Condoms Foolproof?  from
Beauty Set Free (Modesty) by Jacqueline Burkepile 

Marriage / Homosexuality

Cohabitation is a Sin Against Social Justice by Jennifer Roback Morse 
Modern Myths About Cohabitation  by Jay Copp
Unmarried With Children by Celeste McGovern 
Pro-Marriage Culture Reduces Inequality by W. Bradley Wilcox 
New Reports Still Say Marriage is Best  by Fr. John Flynn, LC 
Not Born That Way: Science and LGBT by Joan Frawley Desmond 
Gender Identity: A complex Battleground for Religious Freedom by Joan Frawley Desmond 
Studying the Same Sex Studies by Dale O’Leary 
Homosexuality, What Does the Church Teach?  by Fr. Michael J. Henchal
What Homosexuals Want  by Eve Tushnet
Same Sex Marriage by National Organization for Marriage
Protecting Marriage Part One by Father Juan Puigbó and Hilary Towers 
Protecting Marriage Part Two by Father Juan Puigbó and Hilary Towers 
The Truth About Marriage and Family  by Matthew Spalding
Why Not Change Marriage? A National Catholic Register Editorial 
What About the Children? by Tom McFeely 
Kids do Best With Married Parents 
The Importance of Mothers and Fathers by Archbishop William E. Lori
Better off with Mom and Dad by Sue Ellen Browder 


Embryonic Stem Cell Research by Dr. Brian W. Donnelly
Advances in Stem-Cell Research Avoid Killing Embryos by Patrick Novecosky
A Triumph for Ethical Stem Cell Research by E. Christian Brugger 
What's Wrong With In-Vitro Fertilization?  by Tim Drake 
The Church is Not Backward, But Forward by Rebecca Taylor (effects of In Vitro Fertilization) 
Ethical Reproductive Technologies by Coleen Rouleau 
Americans and the Clone and Kill Mentality by Daniel Kuebler 

Moral Relativism

Part 1: Understanding Relativism with Mercy by Edward Sri 
Part 2: With Relativism There is no Right or Wrong by Edward Sri 
Part 3: Moral Law Equals Authentic Love by Edward Sri 
Part 4: Responding to: "Don't Judge" by Edward Sri 
Part 5: Relativism is not Neutral by Edward Sri 
Part 6: Relativism is a Mask by Edward Sri 
Part 7: Mercy Melts Hidden Sin by Edward Sri 

Catholic Universities

Notre Dame and Abortion Politics by Father Raymond J. de Souza
Notre Dame Covers Contraception and Abortifacients by Joan Frawley Desmond 
Bishop Finds Notre Dame Events Revolting by Tim Drake
Notre Dame's False Civility at the Cost of Truth by Father Raymond J. DeSouza 
Notre Dame Draws Pro-Lifers Ire by Brian Fraga 
Georgetown Faculty Offended by Cardinal's Speech by Tim Drake
Georgetown Pro-Marriage Group Faces Sanctions 
Holy Cross and Planned Parenthood by Gail Besse
Was Marquette Professor Disciplined for Upholding Church Teachings by Brian Fraga 
St. Norbert's Contradiction by Jonathan Liedl
The Mandatum and Catholic Universities (Loyola University)  by Tim Drake
The Mandatum and the Rights of Catholic Parents  by Steve Kellmeyer
Taking an Oath (The Mandatum) by Tim Drake

Aberrant Groups or Movements

Can the Bayside Apparitions be Trusted? by Sebastian R Fama 
Fr. Nicholas Gruner: The Man Who Harms Our Lady of Fatima  by Rick Salbato 
Fr. Nicholas Gruner's Claims Rejected by Sister Lucia  Zenit News Agency
Fatima's 1984 Consecration (off site)
The Third Secret of Fatima  by Karl Keating 
The Hindus in Fatima: Misrepresentations by Catholic Family News by Timothy Robertson
What's Wrong With Planned Parenthood  by Helen Alvare
Is Planned Parenthood Hiding Something? by Wayne Laugesen 
Parents vs. Planned Parenthood by Jo Garcia-Cobb
Margaret Sangers Century  by Fr. Walter Schu
Why the Prosperity Gospel is Bankrupt by Trent Horn (off site)
Liberation Theology by The Citizen (off site) 
Scientology  by Richard Behar (off site)
Voice of the Faithful: When Wolves Dress Like Sheep  by Deal W. Hudson
No Voice at Voice of the Faithful  by Greg Byrnes
Is It The Voice of The Faithful? by Stephanie Block 
Vatican Warns of New Age Dangers  by Andrew Walther
Women Religious and New Age Spirituality by Ann Carey
The Enneagram Verses the Catholic Church  by Rick Kephart

The Occult

Psychics and Witches by Fr. William Saunders
Reiki is a Superstition  by Jeff Ziegler
Ouija Boards: A Game or a Gamble?  by Fr. Robert Allgaier
Seances and Psychics  by Una McManus

Capital Punishment Debate

Part 1: Capital Punishment: Emotions or Principals? by Sebastian Fama 
Part 2: The Death Penalty and the Church by Kevin Tierney 
Part 3: Death Penalty Debate Continues by Sebastian Fama 

Church Documents

Declaration on Masonic Associations by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Instruction on Certain Aspects of the "Theology of Liberation" by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
On Reserving Priestly Ordination to Men Alone  by Pope John Paul II
Vatican Document on Same Sex Marriage  by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
The Excommunication of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and his bishops by Pope John Paul II
Vatican Document on New Age Spirituality (off site)


Messianic Prophecies by Sebastian R Fama 
Catholic Organizations or Democratic Front Groups? by Brian Fraga 
Fatima and Faustina Offer Frightening Visions of Hell by Paul Kengor
New Report Confirms Smut's Devastating Impact by Joan Frawley Desmond
Teens Imitate TV Sleaze  by Tim Drake
Sex on TV Can Artificially Age Children by Mary DeTurris Poust
The Shroud of Turin (Jesus' Burial Cloth) by Shafer Parker
New Evidence for the Shroud by Shafer Parker
Shroud Studies Confirm Unique Nature by Shafer Parker 
Science Shines New Light on Shroud of Turin’s Age by Shafer Parker 
See the Shroud of Turin
Defending the Deuterocanonicals (History of the Bible)  by James Akin  (off site)
Debunking the Da Vinci Code  by Sabrina Ferrisi
The Da Vinci Code  by Sandra Miesel
"The Golden Compass" (Anti-Catholic Children's Film)
The Other Catholic Scandal by Phil Brennan
Religious Nuts Are Ruining American Society  by Bill Dunn

Recommended Books, CDs and DVDs  by Sebastian R. Fama